Malware Website - Hacked Website Repair Services

Our team of developers can quickly fix the hacked website and anaylse the reason to get hacked any backdoors , bad credentials, shell access is open ,htaccess hacked, sql injections,SEO spam.
As per 2017 analysis on hacked websites Wordpress website are mostly affected
CMS based websites affect mostly due to the third party plugin /component/module providers those code are badly written.
We check for the complete loopholes and fix the hacked websites.
We provide application level website firewall after repairing the hacked website.We provide consultation services to protect further like changing the hosting company  using third party firewalls to DDos attacks we also provide balcklist removal services .
We are not handling large amount of customers at a time so your website will taken care of single handedly by our expert team thus your work won’t  get delayed or unnoticed after some time

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. 
— Anthony J. D'Angelo