Malware Website - Frequently Asked questions
How long will it take to fix a website malware ?

It depends on the website malware severity usually a typical malware affected website malware removal service can be done within 6 to 12 hours.

What if you could not find a malware but scanners are reporting it as a malware affected website ?

Sometimes scanners may load a cache copy and google search result links may redirect to malicious websites these may take a day or two , we will have a buffer time of 5 days if it still persists we shall provide a complete refund for the malware removal service .

What if after your service the website has been hacked again ?

Do you know there are numerous malicious bots trying to exploit the websites everyday .We may suggest that there should be a security hole .the problem may be with the hosting services or how the code was written ,we will suggest to switch over to some other programming language or CMS or change the hosting company thus we shall avoid the malicious bots targeting the same code or website .we cannot guarantee a 100% hack proof website but we will fix the security holes in the website code to avoid any penetrations or malicious code injections.

How do we trust your website malware removal service ?

If we could not remove or clean the malware from your website we shall provide complete 100% cash back .we are good consultants on security audits and how to secure the website.

How do I know the if a website is secure?

Using secure HTTPS or valid ssl certificate , website those use payments and passwords fields should have a valid ssl certificate thus the data are encrypted If you receive commercial emails then you should check the sender email id that should relate with the domain or just copy paste the domain from the email it should redirect to the correct website you are intend to visit .

Do you provide any programming services ?

Yes we do provide programming services for further details please request a call back.

Are you an outsourcing company ?

No we don’t outsource our jobs we do have in-house security audit professionals and developers who are passionate on programming .you shall talk to the developers on Skype or phone.

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